molly_webI trained with Gina Ostarly in anticipation of my June 2015 wedding. Despite staying in a healthy weight range I had not done any real training since 2009. (Yikes!) Suffice it to say, I was nervous to get started.

As luck would have it, Gina was exactly the trainer I needed. She developed personalized workouts that were challenging, but always fun. Each session involved new exercises I had never tried before and her creativity made our workouts something to look forward to.

Gina and I trained together for several months (2x per week). Over that period of time I became noticeably stronger—hiking Humpback Rocks became much easier and I felt so much better. Her creative workouts and passion for healthy living boosted my enthusiasm for going to the gym. Since concluding our training I’ve been able to take the exercises from our sessions and add to them, which certainly beats just running on a treadmill or peddling on an elliptical—my former go-to workouts.

I recommend Gina to anyone looking to be stronger and healthier. She’s terrific at what she does and her passion for living a healthy, happy life is contagious. Except for the crunches using the TRX Suspension Training, you won’t even know you’re working out.

-Molly Lapekas Derdeyn, Age 26, Charlottesville, VA

jodeeJimMy journey to fitness started when I was 36 and had finally lost all the weight I gained after carrying twins to full term. I had lost the weight, but wanted to be more “fit”. My husband, Tim, did some research and found GOFITNESS owned by Gina. I immediately clicked with Gina and shared with her that I would be interested in doing a figure competition. Six months later I was in the best shape I had ever been in and stepped on to the figure stage. This would be the first of what later became a handful of times competing. After that, my husband wanted to get back into college football shape. So, he joined one of Gina’s boot camps. He looked great and felt even better. While being healthy, fit and strong was my desired outcome. I came away with something even more special, and that is my friendship with Gina.

-Jodee and Tim Nicholas, Chicago, IL

Sara E on BosuI am sitting down to write this, and I am realizing that it has been just about one year since I started training with Gina. Holy smokes! I can hardly believe that. When I first met her, I thought she was going to be mean, and make me do a million push-ups (when I can only do them girly-style) and lay a guilt trip on me for every bite of chocolate I ate.

Gina takes her work very seriously, and it shows – she is a remarkably gifted athlete, and she’s smoking hot. I think the day I first truly felt bonded to Gina was one morning while I was wobbling on the Bosu ball. The Bosu has become my favorite, and it is so challenging! We do everything on it because has Gina taught me, it engages probably every single muscle you know you ever had, and also every single muscle you didn’t know you had. Now I am what you would call a “giraffe-y” girl with gangly limbs, and I like to work out in nerdy socks pulled up high. So one morning, I am clamoring my way up on top of my Bosu ball, especially eager in my “Galaxy” socks, and when I nearly fall off, (as is my custom) Gina says, “Patience young Padawan.” And if you are the “Star Wars” nerds that we are, you can understand that since that moment, she has been blowing my mind.

And here we are today; so very many push-ups later (regular, not girly style, of course!) and gentle encouragements that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I can assure you that Gina is anything but mean. It is a pleasure going to see her. Though I will sweat, and I will be sore, I have watched myself change under her mindful guidance. While there is nothing wrong with the desire to look good naked, I recommend going in with specific goals, which will yield better results. I had one big one; heart disease runs in my family, and though I am relatively young. It is important that I monitor my cholesterol. Last month, the results of my annual lab work came back, and I got a glowing review from my doctor. My “good” cholesterol (that’s your exercise factor) had gone up ten points!

Today I just hoisted an air conditioning unit into a window all by myself like it was nothing (engaging all the correct muscles, of course, so as not to injure my back). I met Gina at a very transformational time in my life, and she helped me undergo the most exalting of metamorphoses one could experience. And when I see her tomorrow morning, the first thing she will do after our greeting hug, is compliment me on my socks.

We have work to do. Now that I’m a big healthy girl, I want to train my booty to be stronger so that I can jump higher, so that I can be an amazing Irish Step Dancer. We are the penultimate in nerdy hobbies, and it is amazing. Jedi Master Ostarly (and Master Yoda) would say; “There is no try. Only do.”

-Sara Eshleman, Age 33, Charlottesville, VA

Testamonial Lisa Steele picGina was my first personal training experience and I could not have asked for a better personal trainer. She is motivating and inspiring.
I am not a person who naturally pushes myself. So, Gina encouraged me to push harder, without being a bully. Once I proved able to do what she suggested, I was inspired to push myself harder and excel towards my fitness goals.

Gina also kept me guessing-always changing up the workouts, introducing new challenges, and showed me how to use muscles I didn’t know I had.
My goal with training was to become stronger in general, but more specifically-to be able to do a REAL push-up. Now, I can do MANY real push-ups with no problem!
The pride and confidence I have gained from training has me feeling awesome. Gina is the perfect combination of kind, funny and tough. I could not have asked for a better fitness coach!

-Lisa Steele, Charlottesvile, VA

georgeWhen I met Gina Ostarly. I was 60 pounds overweight and my nickname was Puddin. At 6’ tall and weighing 265lbs, pudding was a good description.

The first, and most important, thing Gina did after taking my initial measurements was to start me on a food log. Looking at what I ate in black and white was a real eye opener. “I can treat myself to dessert/bread/pizza/fries/whatever tonight” happened almost daily. Not much of a treat if it is a daily habit.

I had belonged to gyms before and knew my way around, but no matter how much I worked on strengthening my abs, I was just pushing the fat out further and further.

In addition to giving me the tools and support to be accountable for my diet, Gina gave me the guidance, encouragement, and helped maintain the motivation to tone up while I trimmed down. She designed and implemented a custom and varied weight and cardio training program to fit me and my goals.

Of course, I had to show up and be accountable, but as long as I was willing to do my part – even if I was struggling – Gina did her part and did it very well.My first goal was to get to 230lbs so I could go skydiving. I did that and more.With Gina’s help I got down to 207, which I had not weighed since high school.

Years later, I don’t go to the gym as much, but I have the healthy eating and exercise habits I learned from Gina. These days I weigh about 215, which I am quite happy with. Thank you Gina! You are the best!!

-George Hughes, Stuart, FL

Chris PalasI will never forget where my “Fitness Roots” began…
I met Gina over 14 years ago after being referred by friends who were training with her at the time. I was craving structure in my life and needed to lose weight. Gina became and remained my coach for almost 10 years. To date……….I have competed in several figure events and rank on a national level. I became a nationally published fitness model and currently coach others to a more fit way of life. Most importantly, Gina gave me the tools to live and lead a healthy fit lifestyle ……while making a life long friend. You can’t go wrong when working with Gina! She not only will make a impact by changing your body, but will inspire you through life. Someone you can’t just ever forget!

-Chris Palas, Age 41, Stuart, FL

The New Forty MichelleAfter a ten-year marriage and finding out that my ex-husband was now with someone 12 years my junior was nothing more than a blow to stomach. I know there was much more to the situation but my self-image and self worth was crushed.  I moved home and the secure, strong; confident woman I once was was now a meek, self-conscious girl.  Through friends I met Gina and it was an instant connection. Training with her not only reshaped my outside into the fittest person I had ever been but reshaped my inside to more than I ever thought.  She gave me back a piece of me that I thought was lost forever. It was a personal growth experience I will cherish forever.  I am a better person, mother and friend because of the gift she gave me.

-Michelle Roberts, Age 42, Stuart, FL

I was lucky enough to work with Gina for about three years, meaning actual in person sessions before she moved away. She’s still training me today, from a 1000 miles away, because the knowledge, drive and spirit she gave me is in my head and my heart every time I exercise.  I am a stubborn, egotistical 57 year old man who was a good athlete a million years ago, but life took its toll.  I was looking for a trainer just to make a commitment and force myself into some kind of exercise.  What I found is a talented, knowledgeable, strong willed beautiful person, who trained me on levels I forgot were important. She adapted to my limitations, and she pushed someone not easily pushed.  If you trust, respect and listen to Gina, you will get back to liking what you see in the mirror, on the outside and the inside.

-Marty Bonan, Stuart, FL

I had been working out for years with minimal results. That all changed when I started working with Gina.  With her assistance managing my diet and teaching me amazing new exercises, I’ve seen a huge difference in just a couple months. Plus, she practices what she preaches; an absolute requirement for a great trainer.  She motivates, teaches, and gets results!”

-Nathan Evans, Age 39, Charlottesville, VA

During a recent three-month stay in Charlottesville, I had the pleasure of working out at the acac downtown facility. It’s a great place to work out, regardless of your exercise needs and goals.

My personal trainer during my stay was Gina Ostarly. Gina is a great personal trainer. Gina identified a training program based on my needs and goals. She knows physiology and exercises. She explained each exercise and sets of exercises and told me what to expect about each muscle and body part affected. My goals included core strengthening, flexibility and getting ready for snow skiing season. Over the three-month period my core strength improved, I am more flexible and I am really looking forward to skiing.

She is very supportive and encouraging. She compliments and encourages you as you perform the exercises she recommends. She wants your training experience to be enjoyable and progressively challenging. She comes up with challenging regimes to push you towards your goals. You can always contact her for advice if after a workout.
I highly recommend Gina. She’s a lot of fun to work with while you fulfill your exercise needs and pursue physical goals.

-Chris Collins, Age 53

Working out has always been a part of my life. Until recently, I have stuck to a home practice because of my hectic travel schedule. I decided to try using a gym to workout, but quickly realized I would need to consult a professional to learn the proper form and equipment to achieve the results I wanted at the gym.

During our first meeting, Gina quickly got on the same wave length as mine in terms of understanding my fitness goals. She tailored a workout plan that I could take on the road with me, and helped me build my confidence in a gym setting. Her approach is firm, friendly, and adaptive, and she has a keen sense for what works and what doesn’t for her clients. This is due to her years of experience, as well as the fact that she practices what she preaches to a tee.

Gina does a great job of promoting the gym as a part of a larger healthy lifestyle, and leads by example. Regardless of your age, fitness goals, or experience level, Gina can help you do better and get results. I highly recommend Gina as a trainer and fitness coach, and feel truly privileged to continue learning from her!

– A.R., Age 25, Charlottesville, VA

Every Monday and Wednesday I look forward to my group training classes because for once I feel empowered!

My trainer, Gina Ostarly, believes in the best and maximum potential for me. This makes me feel that I can truly overcome anything and become my best version. I have trained with her for a couple of months now and each training session has become so valuable to me. I strongly relate to her because I am a teacher myself and as a teacher herself she differentiates so that each workout is meaningful to each person she trains at their level. I always feel challenged and I always feel that I am able to accomplish more at each session. She is dedicated to each individual person as she trains. She really takes the time to show us and push us. I couldn’t be happier with her! To me she is honestly an inspirational role model that I hope I can become more like one day!

Lorena Caballero, Age 31, Charlottesville, VA


katieWords cannot describe my love for Gina and how much she has inspired me to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Being a new mom myself, I was desperate to get back in to shape after being on bed rest for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy, plus 8 weeks off due to a c section.

I’ve always loved fitness but there is more to it than that. Gina has helped me transform my fitness and health and still be a mom of a now very busy 2  year old. I was worried about not having the time to go to the gym and wanted to workout at home.

With today’s technology, Gina’s creativity and commitment to her clients, she is able to make  getting fit via online communication easy. She designed my programs for home workouts and convenience. This was exactly what I requested and needed! I not only got my body back, but feel I did it so much easier than in the past. No more long hours in the gym and extreme dieting. This isn’t just about looking good, this is about feeling good and putting the right nutrients in your body to support it. Its learning how to build a healthy body from the inside out.

Thank you Gina, I am one happy mama. You provided me the knowledge and support to feel better than I ever have.

-Katie Weiss, Stuart, FL

suzanneOwensMy biggest take away from the 90 Day Challenge is that life is about balance!! There are going to be times in my life that are more challenging from a clean eating perspective and that it is okay to enjoy those moments and then get back on track without feeling guilty about the enjoyment. Life is a blessing and meant to be fun and you can’t obsess over calorie counting or a number on the scale….all you can do is appreciate the body that God gave you and try your best on a daily basis to take care of it with healthy foods and healthy exercise….while at the same time enjoying the occasional treat!!

-Suzanne Owens, Rockville, VA

10612677_840962892595084_6099603332258953186_nI got stuck in my fitness journey. I felt like the inches and weight were not budging, and realized in the process that I was allowing food to control me. Gina taught me how to take that control back. Taking the 90 Day Challenge taught me clean how to clean up my eating habits and how to make my workouts more efficient. So glad to now know I don’t have to spend 2 hours in the gym a day to get results. Its about doing the right things, CONSISTENTLY. Thank you Gina!

-Angela Sherer, Colorado Springs, CO

I used Gina’s online nutrition coaching over a few months. I found her check-ins to be extremely helpful in calibrating my diet. She gave me weekly ideas for manageable changes to make that suited my busy lifestyle- it never felt overwhelming. Her tips for eating healthy on-the-go keep me energized and on track even when I am traveling for work. Also, the recipes are still staples in my weekly meal prep- healthy, easy, and tasty! You can’t beat the accountability and encouragement you get from Gina with her online coaching!

-L.R., Charlottesville, VA

Going through this challenge was kind of a ‘last try’. I had made up my mind I’d have to stay with the latest diet craze or pills and eat one meal a day in order to keep my weight at bay. Your exercise program, food plan, recipes, and just general care and support have been more than I could have imagined and I thank you so very much! You’ve truly been a Blessing!

-Vickie Beltramo, Colorado Springs, CO


Gina Ostarly has been working with me as a personal trainer for the past year. I had significant back surgery and was in need of thoughtful rehab as I recovered. My goal was to regain general fitness. Gina delivered. She is smart, knowledgeable and experienced in her field. She pushes, but fine tunes as each session progresses. She watches and listens for my limits and weaknesses, which can change daily.  She works my entire body while keeping my mind engaged and enthused. She stays continuously focused and in tune with my needs. She is a fitness role model, true professional and an asset to the Charlottesville, VA ACAC Health and Wellness establishment.

-John Conover, Age 70, Charlottesville, VA

After recovering from a hamstring tear I began to think about setting a goal of reaching a level of strength and conditioning somewhat beyond what I had ever attained before. At age 69 I realized that it was better now or never and my hope was that I could also improve my tennis game for the next decade(s). One day I happened to observe Gina Ostarly working out and thought perhaps I could yet be that strong and asked her to undertake the challenge of helping me towards that goal. It was a happy choice. Gina is a consummate professional, completely knowledgeable, and as a bonus, extremely kind and considerate. She has challenged me to just the right degree and encouraged me with timely compliments. (Whether entirely deserved or not.) The example she sets in her own fitness level also continues to be an inspiration.  I look forward to our sessions and also look forward to my continued association with ACAC.

-Bob Srigley, Age 69, Charlottesville, VA


Kala-Barnes-In 2012 at 24 years young I decided to meet with Gina Ostarly for her guidance in losing weight. For so many years my diet consisted heavily of McDonalds, Hot Pockets and Poptarts; so with the decision to lose weight came the decision to learn about nutrition. Gina gave me all the tools I needed to properly adopt a healthy lifestyle and prepared me for my first bikini competition with Ms. Bikini Universe. Her grace and kindness assured me multiple times through my journey and because of her knowledge I not only lost over 20lbs but I found a passion for my health. It took 5 grueling months of hard work, but Gina was there with me every step of the way and in the end I placed top 10 in my class with gratitude and confidence. There are not enough kind words to express my loyalty to this spirited little woman for showing me how it feels to work hard at something and succeed.

-Kala Barnes Hamel, Age 27, Port St Lucie, FL

loriHaving competed in a couple of figure competitions: two at age 47 and one at age 50. I never stepped up on the stage feeling quite like I was where I needed to be to be up on that stage.

I was advised by a dear friend of Gina and myself that if I ever decided to compete again that I needed to get with Gina to put together my diet. I decided at age 55 that I would like to compete again and take my friends advice. So, I called Gina. We met for coffee, talked about my present diet, my likes and dislikes on different foods and the date I was planning to compete. She gathered up my information and by that weekend had a diet program and instructions put together for me. She changed my diet weekly based on weekly progress photos I sent of myself. She gave me direction and would respond to me promptly whenever I had questions about contest prep. She followed me all the way to competition in which I placed 3rd. I was so happy with my physique I ended up competing in two more shows. Gina Ostarly knows her stuff. So glad I listened to our friend.

-Lori Conn, Age 55, Stuart, FL

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